Coins : A great way to invest

Coins : A great way to invest

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Want to invest in precious metals, but not sure where you want to start? Try coins. At Texas Coin we carry a wide range of gold and silver coins. These include a variety of United States Silver Eagles, Morgan dollars, Franklin and Kennedy Halves and more. We have a huge selection and competitive prices on […]

Coins : Beautiful, valuable and rare.

Gold coins

Gold and silver coins are always a great investment. We carry a wide variety of coins to suit your every need. If you want basic rolls of silver coins, we have those. If you want something more ornate, we also carry a variety of rare coins such as Peace Dollars, Mercury Dimes, Franklin Halves, Walking […]

Gold and Silver the ultimate Safe Haven.

Gold and silver has been money for centuries. All paper money eventually becomes worthless. Stop by our location at for the best selection of gold and silver bullion and coins. We buy gold and silver and offer the best prices in the region. 936.699.2222