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The shop is well appointed with early slot machines, juke boxes, floor scales, barber shop items, advertising signs, vintage phones, brass National Cash Registers, trade stimulators, trench art and neon.  Texas Coin and Mantiques is not your normal Coin shop.  Yes, we love our gold and silver coins but we also appreciate vintage hard to find items.  Most of our items are functional and really are a piece of art.  The craftsmanship displayed in these items are beautiful.



Most, if not all of our items are unique, one of a kind treasures. There is no real "theme" to what you will see on these pages except that they are designed to appeal to men. The collection has been hand picked and represents over 40 years of careful selection. The collection is, to say the least, eclectic.  The collection has a very nice collection of beverage signage, framed vintage newspaper front pages, 1940's framed Popular Mechanics covers, Stone Lithography, Vintage Jukeboxes, Slot Machines, Gumball Machines, floor scales, Vintage Brass National Cash Registers, vintage phone booth and phones.  Arcades, vintage pinball machines.

Clearly our items will not interest everyone but if you are looking for a very special gift-OR- if you appreciate historical artifacts you will love Mantiques. Many of our items have already been restored and are in a "display-able" state, some are in original condition.  You can purchase a gift that can be given and shown, hung and appreciated with no further expense. There is original artwork from a number of artists, some pieces quite compelling. 

All items at Mantiques are FANTASTIC!! 

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