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Texas Coin offers Silver Coinage:


Silver coins are the most popular way to protect against inflation and devaluation of the American Dollar.

 It has been traditionally been the most reasonable valuable metal. Not like with Gold, Silver has exclusive properties, which make it a perfect and important venture for global industry. It creates a condition where there is merely no alternative.


Also, it has massive industrial applications. It is established in almost everything from phones to computers. As the world of technology continues to grow, so it creates a great demand for more silver. Also, the medical industry has found almost in various ways to utilize silver along the industrial world.

silver,silver coins,texas coin
silver,silver coins,texas coin
  • Silver’s Industrial Uses: For decades, silver has been more than a collector’s item. It has dozens of uses outside the storage vault. It’s used to make currency, jewelry and silverware. Silver is used to produce highly reflective, architectural mirrors. It’s heavily used in the medical field as an antimicrobial – a killer of some bacteria, algae, fungi and viruses. In the labs, silver is used in photographic films and as a catalyst in chemical reactions. And more applications are arriving soon, including using silver in photovoltaic cells in solar-power technology and in rechargeable silver-zinc batteries. In fact, silver’s use for industry has gone from 35% of total annual production ten years ago to more than 50% today. One source claims that figure is actually 90%.


  • Silver Supply/Demand: Supplies of available silver have dropped by 86% in the past two years. Commodities research firm CPM Group says the current amount of above ground refined silver has fallen from 2.2 billion ounces in 1990 to less than 1 billion today. At the same time that supply is falling, demand is rising… especially industrial demand. The pressure on silver prices will get even stronger as individual investment demand (including the whole Chinese market) goes up.


In fact, these applications make it an ideal investment. Of course, silver and gold are form of money and also during ancient times, they were used for gambling purposes. They are usually made in metal as well as, in disc shaped. During 700 BC, the Mesopotamian used valuable metals as a means of their exchange. So Silver has been money for centuries.  It is the same today.  In the 1950's a silver dollar would purchase 4 gallons of gas.   It will do the same today, and in the future.


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